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"Quick Solution J. Exterminating LLC is the best place in town for customer service. We were very happy with the results."
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Sherrell W.
Brooklyn, NY

These guys are the best! I have don't business with these exterminators twice and both times were an absolute pleasure. the first time is when I noticed water bugs randomly popping up in my home after it was flooded from Hurricane Sandy. Literally within 2 hours of our phone conversation, they were at my doorstep eager to help. They came in and did a full examination of my home and covered each crack & crevice with intricate devices. They spent a total off 3 hours sniffing out my unwanted guests with a great attitude. They were very pleasant want well knowledgeable about their craft. It's been 6 months and I haven't seen a water bug since. The 2nd time I called  was when my boyfriend found a dead baby mouse in my boiler room. I'm a girly girl so I freak out with just the thought of mice in my house so I called the exterminator Gods to the rescue! Once again they came in under 2 hours and took care of the problem. They even helped fix my frigde! If you're looking for exterminators who are great at what they do, actually spend time finding the problem & fixing it, all at a reasonable price. 

Colbert C.
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

I had a roach and mice problem in my apartment for more than 20 years. Once I called Quick Solution , the exterminator came and quickly assessed the infestation problems and began an intense and thorough treatment of the entire apartment. The exterminator was extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise in resolving the roach and mice problem. As the exterminator stated initially, "I will permanently evict the roaches and mice". He patched up holes, set up traps, and fully and permanently got rid of all roaches and mice until this day. That was 1 year and a half ago! I would strongly recommend using Quick Solution, because they truly live up to their name! I have used other exterminators throughout the years, but none of them have been able to get rid of the roach and mice problem until Quick Solution came on the scene.
York A.
New York, NY

The Best Pest control company 
I have 2 businesses and I had a bad mice problem in one of them. I went threw 4 companies in the past 2 years.
this is the only company that took care of my problem.
they start with good service and they keep giving you a good service.
too bad that I spent money on other companies.
Michael B.
Brooklyn, NY

For years I had annoying rodent issues...I tried poison an traps which were temporary. I called quick solutions Jerusalem and his team came the same day, thoroughly searched every part of my house to see where the rodents were coming from. He told me where the rodents were coming from and proceeded to take care of the problem. He patched up every hole they were coming from, laid down traps, put eco friendly poison in the walls. He offered a one year warranty...if i see any rodents or find any dead ones they will remove them asap. They're very professional an efficient they will come to you 24/7..highly recommended!

Juggathan J.
New York, NY

This company really does offer a quick AND easy solution to all your pest-oriented problems. After getting on the phone with them, they sent someone over IMMEDIATELY in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to do a full treatment! Wow! Removing all bugs + sealing all the cracks in my house + treating the place with eco-friendly pesticides so all remaining bugs die off. Upon leaving they told me they offer a 1-year warranty and to call them if anything went wrong...

Sure enough, they made good on that promise, because some of the pests came back! Turns out, there was a problem area (very hard to reach) that wasn't sealed. They sent someone over right away, and with precision they sealed all the problem areas at no extra charge. I have no doubt in my mind that they would come back a third time if it were necessary. Wonderful company, I would gladly recommend them to you!

Only downside is they are a little pricey, but the service they provide is essentially invaluable if you are afraid of bugs.

Adebimpe O.
Brooklyn, NY

Great service....the first time he came, he filled all the holes up in every single part of the house. I did not see a mouse for about 3 months but living in NYC you can't escape these annoying creatures. Because mice will always chew their way back in to your house.But with the help of pest solutuions you will hardly ever see them. They come back for the monthly check up but I can honestly say this company is great and the customer service is great also. Esaie is very helpful and actually cares about your pest problem, very nice man along with excellent work.

Marcy J.
Brooklyn, NY

Quick Solution is amazing. They take customer service to a whole new level. We bought our home the summer of 2012. There was a huge mice and roach problem. We contacted Quick Solution, they came and were amazing in finding the source of the problem and setting up long term solutions. Their fees are very reasonable. We have continued to use them for monthly maintenance. We have had no more pest problems. They are all very nice and very respectful and they do a great job. I would recommend them highly to anyone.

A. W.

If you ever have a mice problem, Quick Solution Pest Control is the one you want to call! I am TERRIFIED of mice and saw one in my house the other day. I had called Orkin years ago when I saw one and the guy who came was not thorough at all, he simply pointed out some holes (but did not patch them up for me) and laid down traps! Bruno made me feel confident from the moment we spoke that he was the right man for the job. He was thorough, looked at every corner of my house, garage, closets etc , patched up all of the holes and put traps down, The mouse was caught the next day. I called him to tell him the mouse was in the trap and he came within 2 hours to remove it for me! I have not seen anymore since!! Thank you, now I am able to feel comfortable in my home again -).

Ray P.
New York, NY

You know, I wouldn't usually write about a service: cleaning, plumbing, etc. but these guys were so terrific. In the middle of the night I went down to the basement of my building and there were maybe 1000 big black flies! Ugh, it was horrible!

Now, I had just been down there earlier in the day so this was some bizarre spawning of some kind. I was so freaked out, I called the first number I saw. These guys are not only totally efficient and effective, but they're easy to deal with and very calm. Their prices are fair and even though they couldn't come immediately, they answered the phone right away and asked all the pertinent questions. I felt relieved.

Half an hour into their treatment every fly was gone. It was like waking from a nightmare. The problem was totally eradicated! City living is pretty weird when it comes to pests, I'm relieved to know these guys exist while I'm living here!

Joanne W.
Brooklyn, NY

There is no other like Quick Solution. These guys came in under an hour to get rid of the mice and birds that made their way into our apartment. They not only exterminated and set traps but they filled in all the holes and gaps I've been begging my landlord to repair since last year. These weren't everyday patches I could have handled myself; this was work that a contractor needed to correct. They assured me it was not our fault as our apartment was impeccably clean. Due to the contractors shoddy work, the critters had access in and out of our home. These guys found the source to the problem and in no time we were living pest free. 

I whole-heartedly recommend them as we've had exterminators in and out of here and no one was able to rectify the problem like Quick Solution Pest Control. And these guys were extremely kind, patient and very funny. Plus they cleaned up and left my apartment even cleaner than they found it! Great job.

Jules H.
Brooklyn, NY

Quick Solution knows how to handle their business like professionals. The exterminator  brought his gear like a ninja on an assassination tip - and it was on like Donkey Kong. I know I won't have to worry about these furry critters coming back. 

Alexandra S.
Brooklyn, NY

Came home to find a squirrel in my bathroom. I called several other pest control companies which all told me they would set a trap and check it in a week. Not very helpful when the squirrel is in your bathroom. They came within an hour and the little squirrel was caught and in a cage to be released back outside where it belongs within 5 minutes. Very friendly and professional service!

Sophia S.
Brooklyn, NY

Thank you  for the incredibly thorough and great job in getting rid of the mice in our apartment! Quick Solution was quick to answer our call and did more than just set up traps - he also filled all the holes of where the mice were possibly coming from. I can sleep easy tonight knowing that there won't be mice running around my room. 

Andreana B.
Brooklyn, NY

If you have a pest problem these guys are the best! They are simply amazing, when they come into your home they feel like family. They put so much time and effort in making sure that every inch of your home is inspected, the service they give is as if they were taking care of their own homes. Another upside is they are on call so if there is an emergency they come right away and they do maintenance every month just to make sure. I was so pleased with this company that I referred them to my place of work and now that place is pest free!
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