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Spiders are arthropods (technically, not insects). They have eight legs, and typically use fangs to inject prey with venom, which is why they tend to scare so many people. When the temperature cools down outside, spiders tend to seek shelter indoors, so the fall and winter months are usually when we begin to see signs of infestation.

If you’ve seen a number of spiders throughout your home, or if you’re concerned about getting bitten, contact Quick Solution J. Exterminating LLC right away. 

House Spiders 

House spiders can make keeping your home clean and dust-free a hassle. These spiders create sticky webs to trap their prey, which also collect dust and contribute to cobwebs that may be taking over those hard-to-reach corners.

Female lays 250 eggs in a brownish silky sac with a tough, papery cover, about 1/4 to 3/8 in (6-9 mm) in diameter. It usually is placed in the middle of the web, but it may be moved to a warmer or cooler place. There may be more than one sac in a web at the same time. She may produce up to 17 sacs in her lifetime. Eggs hatch in 7-10 days; 1st instar spiderlings stay in the sac until after the 1st molt. 2nd instars come out, ballooning down; there are 6 or 7 molts to maturity. Adults live 1 year.
Black Widow 

The black widow spider is not an uncommon habitant of backyards and garages. This poisonous spider, with venom 15 times more poisonous than that of a rattlesnake, may be living right in your own backyard. Their venom contains a toxin that affects the nervous system and can cause paralysis, but because they are so small, their bite is rarely fatal to humans.
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