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Squirrel & Raccoon Control 
Raccoons have adapted well to living in close contact with humans. They've learned to where to find food and shelter In addition to the nuisance factor, raccoons can also cause serious problems such as damage to your home or business. In fact, the commercial removal of pests such as raccoons from major industrial businesses and sites is an important service offered by Quick Solution J. Exterminating LLC.

If you are dealing with an raccoon problem in your home or business, DO NOT try to remove the animal yourself ! Raccoons can be dangerous when frightened or cornered, and have sharp claws and teeth which can injure pets as well as people. And they do carry rabies! Call Us Immediately. 

From gray squirrels to red squirrels, Quick Solution Pest Control  can help with any squirrel situation. If you are or may be having issues with squirrels, a Quick Solution Pest Control professional will remove squirrels and prevent them from invading your space again!

Do You Need Squirrel Removal Services?
Squirrels are notorious for making noises, typically at dawn, when they are leaving their nests in search of food. Most squirrel removal customers in New York  complain of scratching and scurrying noises in the ceilings or walls of buildings. Customers may also find holes in the siding or gutters of their homes, where the squirrels are entering for shelter.

Quick Solution J. Exterminating LLC  in Brooklyn NY  will help you determine if you are in need of squirrel removal solutions. For the most effective evaluation of your squirrel pest control situation, it is important for you to track what time of day you are hearing noises, how long you have been hearing noises and in what area of the home or building you are hearing noises.